Letter Presents

I turned 22 on Saturday. I wore high shoes and a bit of tan and my sister curled my hair and urban decayed my eyes. 22 seems a bit old… compared to all the other ages I’ve been. 21 has the fun novelty age element. I had a really lovely meal with 10 friends at The Garage, and then a few drinks. Anyway, I got lots of lovely cards and presents, and a handful of apologies for not posting the cards. I clearly have people bullied, as I love my mail so much. I assured them that I forgave them and their lovely words written in hand delivered cards meant every bit as much.

I did get one letter, from my lovely boyfriend. It was carefully typed and photoshopped to make it perfect and featured our faces,  and my full name including my confirmation name on the envelope which I could hear baffled my parents. “Who knows her Confirmation name? No one!”

I gave my Daddy a little wish list for a few things from PaperNation a few weeks ago. Yes, I know I’m 22 and shouldn’t be still asking for stuff for my birthday. I asked for the Old School Writing Set, Ballerina Writing Set and the Soul Mate Postcards pictured. I also got the most lovely letter holder printed with elephants which I haven’t posted.

My friend twin Aisling got me the gorgeous, very unique dragon-fly letter opener which I am very impressed with! And she kind of mentioned she would write to me next year so, yessss.

I am sorry to my friends if I bully them into writing me letters. I must not be THAT scary…it rarely works. Anyway, if any of my blog readers ever fancies receiving or sending a letter or two, I’m your girl. I was going to ask you’s to send me one for my birthday but I didn’t want to be big-headed. Maybe next year… I realise that pen pals don’t suit today’s lifestyle, but a little letter or two never hurt anyone!

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake


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