Leaving Traces

I think it might be the love of PostSecret and all the strange places that those postcards turn up that inspires me.

Gets me every time. You never know what effect you could have...

Or maybe the message in a bottle idea. I’ve always loved that. (The Police song’s not bad, either.) I remember being at the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare (I think) with my family and watching the white waves crash, looking like white horses as the wind tried in vain to blow them back as they surged forward… My Daddy and I found a bottle and I wanted to write something in it. “What will we write?” he asked. I suggested Neopets.com ! Oh dear. He did laugh. I was obsessed with it at the time. I think I wanted someone to find me through that. Something of that lives on in me. I like putting little scraps of paper with messages of hope or my name or…okay this blog address in hotel room drawers, in the Gideon they provide, in library books, sometimes left behind in places I’ve been, cafes etc…

A few years ago before I came to Belfast for University we stayed in the Premier Inn in Alfred St for Belsonic and I put a few heartening words into the bible and behind the mirror. Some lost soul may have lifted the bible for strength or hope and could do with a bit of encouragement.

I also love when I find things in books, it doesn’t happen often. My auntie once found a letter in a book that was dated the same day that she bought the second-hand book on Charing Cross Road but almost 100 years earlier…

I like the idea of making a difference, or making someone smile. Even if it doesn’t have the amazing outcome of the postsecret. I also like leaving little vestiges of me, so the world knows I was here, and am here and maybe can find me.


Author: Fiona


4 thoughts on “Leaving Traces”

  1. I love *reading blogs when i should be studying hehe… I came across this wee thing in America and think you would love it. Its called operation beautiful and people leave postits on mirrors in the girls bathrooms to make girls feel beautiful, i keep meaning to do it somewhere lol
    check it out when ur having a wee study break… i look forward to the combined blog post (TTT) hehe xx

  2. I love the thought of leaving something of yourself somewhere, when I was little, when I had read a book and was going to give it to a charity shop, I would write a little note in pencil at the end of the book saying which parts were my favourite.

    I love remembering that my handprint is on a little road in a little town in Thailand πŸ™‚

  3. Have you read the book The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson? It’s an incredible book and in it, the main character writes poetry to get through the grief of losing her older sister. She writes these really emotional poems on old scraps of paper, reciepts, coffee cups and then lets them go. It’s an interesting idea.

    I love finding things in books. As I buy quite a lot of my books from charity shops, often I find old train tickets, reciepts and even photos in the books. I find it fascinating.

    Also, I’m part of a community called nerdfighters. They leave notes in books (mostly John Green’s books) which introduce other readers (and possible nerds!) of the existence of nerdfighteria. I’ve always always wanted to come across a nerdfighter note in a book. Or any note, really.

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