Coffee Weaning

I think if you asked me, I’d have to say I’m a tea person. It’s warm and comforting and always good in a crisis. However, this year I have decided that I am going to like coffee, no matter how many spoons of sugar it takes!

Coffee has connotations of sophistication. It sounds better than tea. Drinking coffee will somehow help my writing tendencies. Or at least my image as a writer. Books will read better with a cup of coffee steaming gently beside the open pages. More interesting letters shall be written with the help of a little more caffeine. I was always vaguely embarrassed going into Starbucks Coffee and ordering tea, anyway. Coffee always tasted bitter and harsh and undrinkable to me. I always loved the smell- especially in bookshops, though. My discovery so far is Caramel Latte. Yes, it does have a little coffee in it. Any trace of coffee is instantly picked up by the seasoned tea drinker. I like a tall caramel latte and a slice of lemon drizzle loaf with my friend when we should be doing essays or studying or something. I like the idea of ‘going for coffee.’ It’s very grown up.

What is people’s take on Starbucks? A lot of creative types don’t like it because it’s ‘soulless’ – a big, commercial chain. I’m not sure. There are always really interesting people to observe, there. And nice chats to be had. I do see why supporting independent cafes is important, though.

Hmm, I guess most people are trying to get away from too much coffee. And I’m trying to get that way. Dave Grohl was once hospitalized because of too much coffee. Apparently.

I bought little sachets of Nescafe Vanilla Latte (by accident) at the weekend. They’re actually not bad. I hear Clements in Belfast does white chocolate latte. I have to try that one! Are there any other, mild coffees you could suggest to get me started? I do think I’m getting better. I bought a bag of sugar today and am going to start making well sugared cups of coffee along with my ‘studying.’ (Thank you housemates – haha) Speaking of which, my desk and floor are littered with ‘Philosophy of Mind’ books. My exam is less than a week away now, and I’ve just got two essays out of the way so I’m only really starting. Oh no.

Coffee and lemoncake, anyone?



Author: Fiona

3 thoughts on “Coffee Weaning”

  1. So much of a twin thing here! It’s exactly how/why I started being a coffee drinker too! Plus I was living in America and nothing quite says “look i’m a foreigner” than living in America and never having been to a Starbucks…
    Caramel lattes are my favourite too. And just a few weeks ago my lovely sister made me coffee with no sugar and I barely noticed! I’m getting there. So going by my scale you just have another…year and a half to go? Haha

    Hope you’re not stressing too much up there Fred. Miss you and your blogs xxx

  2. haha i started straight on the hard stuff… no sugar unlike you two lol but i recommend trying a frappacino for summertime its so refreshing and i spent a whole summer 2 years ago walking up and down to the town every day to get one from starbucks…
    I got a lovely cafe mocha today with Gareth in Sandwich co. and it was lovely, they even gave us a wee chocolate sweet on the side. And Gareth felt all grown up and sophisticated. He was done his in half the time tho and i was lecturing him about how coffee is a drink you have to sip! it is to be savoured lol
    Like George said, i hope your not too stressed out and dont get hospitalised with caffenine overdose. xxx

  3. “Tea or coffee?”
    Its like “Butter or Mayo”
    Or “Biscuit or Cake”

    I agree There’s something sophisticated having a hot mug of coffee, it could help writing songs.

    Enjoy your caffeine

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