Royal Weddings and Queen of Tarts

Today William and Kate got married. Mickey and I watched the very beginning of it before we got chucked out of our Dublin hotel room. We argued about whose family members would be invited to our wedding. “You would have to invite them all.” “NOOOO” “You would have to invite some of them.” “NOOOO” (This stresses me out A LOT. I have a huge family. Both extended and direct. What would I do?)

I lost my camera. This makes me very sad. I actually almost cried. I think I left it down on a bench while I ate the best sausage roll in the world. We are going to email the Garda. Don’t laugh. That was such a good camera. I hope some heartless person sees me and Mickey’s wee happy sunny Dublin faces and feels guilty.

We went a walk down the cobbles of Temple Bar. How did we never find Temple Bar before? I love it. I wore my new summery top and bought a new notebook. I think I want to live in Dublin.

It was in St Stephen’s Green shopping centre that I realised the camera wasn’t there. So I had a sad face the whole way back- we checked in all the close by shops and a lovely man in an auctioneers even rewound his CCTV footage and we could see ourselves sitting on the bench. But it was too blurry to see what happened. Plus I didn’t really want to see someone taking it.

A long awaited tart from Queen of Tarts almost didn’t cheer me up. I managed to choose the lemon meringue tart and it was amazing. We sat outside the red painted front at a little wooden table, the sugar sachets were in a little silver bucket, there were china tea cups and saucers, if you smoked there was an upside down sea shell to catch your ashes – Mickey shared his Bailey’s cheescake. It was lovely.

Back to reality now after the 4 hour journey, in a mini bus.

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

2 thoughts on “Royal Weddings and Queen of Tarts”

  1. Fiona! Temple Bar. Beside the clarence hotel. JEALOUS. It is owned by, yep, you guessed it, Paul Hewson and David Evans (Bono and The Edge).

    I do love Dublin. Enjoyed the wee dander around it on my own at U2 gig part 2! (even if I was terrified).

    Good point about wedding invites. Do not invite people you havent seen since you were 3 years old, who only want a free steak!

    When I lose something Regina tells me to pray: “Jesus was lost, Jesus was found.” It did work once before, if you want.

    1. Aw!! I took a photo of it because it looked pretty. The Clarence Hotel…. Then I lost my camera. Did I mention that?

      Cool! We did a tour of Kilmainham Gaol too and apparently a U2 Vid was filmed there. (‘Celebration’) (I also had the best photo of Mickey holding his pocket out in there 😦 I laughed for ages)

      We should have brought you Dermott! Aw! There was this chippy – Burdocks – that we have been fantacising about since 2008 beside tthe hotel, and we noticed there was a wall of fame outside it and U2 were right at the top.

      I will try it! It would be a miracle of I got it back!

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