Chuckles and Cheering Up

I have done a lot of talking in the last week, and my wonderful friends and family have done a lot of listening. I have an amazing support network and I am so very grateful for that. Everything is a lot brighter now and I feel properly happy for the first time in a long while.

Anyway, I have had some time to listen  in between and I have heard some funny things that I would like to share with you.

Okay the first one isn’t funny as such, it more cheered me up. My BFF giving me advice as we stood in our respective bedroom doorways for a full hour chatting instead of sitting down in the same room like normal people:

Having nothing is easier than having half a something

It’s actually pretty good advice but it was the sheer Derry-ism and the solemnity with which she said it that made me crack a smile through my seriousness. Love her.

A girl I know is afraid of coconut. People in school run after her with snowballs (TM) and she cries.

My sister Clare. All I did was offer her a toasted teacake  . Oh how it made me laugh. It also led to the discussion of how some people are afraid of balloons. There are quite a few of these guys. It must be the anxiety of them bursting?

It’s all a bit fudgy-smudgy.

As an adjective I think this means ‘vague’ – it kind of works but I can’t take it seriously. I think it would be a great name for a band.

We were going to watch it in the living room but he said why don’t we watch it on the wee TV in his room.

Oh how cute! So what did he think of Romeo and Juliet?

It wasn’t Romeo and Juliet – It was Hitler!

I overheard this in Belfast and I found it rather amusing 🙂

I was chatting to a good friend who is a priest on Saturday and I said how I once read that going to confession is like cleaning a window, like the window of your soul- and letting the light shine in again. He replied with “I always say it’s like a wheelie-bin.” I just burst out laughing in the chapel.

It was vaguely funny how Josh Ritter’s merch man Brian pure caught me out in that last post too. Though that is a little embarrassing. It made me laugh though.

My Mammy told me this week that my head was up my arse, but it couldn’t be up a nicer arse. That’s a compliment. I think.

Yesterday we were reminiscing about strange neighbours that lived next door to us for about ten years…longer. They haven’t lived there for a long time. The old lady was called Mignon and we called her Minno. Her 40-ish son had leopard print  bed sheets and a ‘boss’ who stayed over quite a lot. He also fancied my Mum. I asked whether they just told us that he was his boss, my Daddy said maybe that was just the roles they played! Haha.

Jacob said “Birrrrr a guyyyy” This means “Bird in the sky” and was his first sentence!

Ellen is persevering with the “Would you rather….” questions and her and my Daddy will ask each other questions for hours. Today, after asking me who I liked better, Josh Ritter or Mickey, she decided she was going to ask Mickey whether he liked HIMSELF or Josh Ritter better. Haha!

Ellen and Jacob playing with me today

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

2 thoughts on “Chuckles and Cheering Up”

  1. Its so good to hear you are in a happy place.
    this post made me lol. especially the wheelie bin !

    That ellens a wee badden for sure 🙂

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