Foo Fighters – Back and Forth

I went to see Foo Fighters’ film/documentary Back and Forth last night in Belfast with my very lovely friend and housemate  @AlfieMcDuffs. It was a one night showing for the whole of Europe and after the film they played a ‘live’ concert (every song off their new album: Wasting Light, which is due for release on 12 April.) There was a bit of confusion when the film ended because the credits rolled and the lights came on and we all wondered for a second if there WAS indeed a concert. But it was all good in the end and we even had a 3 minute countdown to the concert.

Their new album is able to be streamed here, but not downloaded yet,  if anyone is interested. I think I will actually go and buy a physical cd on Tuesday because I am old-fashioned that way.

The film itself was a collection of photos and film of the Foo Fighters since their beginning 16 years ago all mixed in with the members talking honestly about it all. I guess I have only been a fan for about 5 years, but hey, I’m only 21 ! So I didn’t know all the ins and outs of who had left the band and just how many people had been involved in the past. I read in Q magazine recently (just can’t find it online) that it was emotional for the band to watch the film because they had never said all these things to each other, and it was touching how much they actually care about each other. It was probably pretty awkward!(Pic from here)

The new album was made in Grohl’s basement and some of the funniest and most touching moments was seeing him with his daughters.

Sometimes I am quite impressed with myself for liking Foo Fighters. They are pretty hardcore compared with Josh Ritter and Lisa Hannigan, you have to admit. I love the loudness and the energy. Of course I do pay attention to the lyrics and a lot of the time I am left wondering what the song is about, but I kind of like that. I like the idea of 90s music. I already think this album is superior to  2007’s ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace’.

I think Dave Grohl is amazing. Mostly everything he says is hilarious, he is just too cool, he is a very talented musician and he is a great Daddy.

The concert which was recorded on 5th April in LA was such a great and different experience. It was strange that the audience were in hundreds of cinemas, and the people of Belfast, including me, were too self-conscious to cheer or clap so between loud, amazing rock there was momentary silence before the next song. They played the whole album through without a break and like I said on Facebook, I felt kind of guilty. It was obvious hard work and they looked a little worse for wear as it went on. I am sure no one would have complained if they had taken a little rest!

All in all it was a really enjoyable night, and I am really looking forward to getting my hands on ‘Wasting Light’. Thank you Foo Fighters – another great achievement and loads of luck with the album.


Author: Fiona

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