Proof Only

My little sister Ellen’s new album: Proof Only.

Not really.

She got four photographs taken at Playgroup and this morning my Mum and me chose two to buy and we had to leave out these two…so I took pictures of them because they are both cool photos. Ellen favoured the jumping one, bless her. My Mammy wasn’t too sure about the exposed belly!


This one really does look like an album!

Ellen is 4 and she is also my god-daughter. She is the funniest little person. This morning she was looking around the room and fixing her gaze on the light fitting she asks “Would you rather sit on a light or sit out in the spooky dark?” I thought for a minute. “Sit on the light.” I answered. Simple right? “But why? You would burn yourself!” It was a trick question. Then she must have seen a hairbrush and she asks “Would you rather go to sleep on a hairy brush or in roasting (hot) water?” Through snorts of laughter I answered a hairy brush…


Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

4 thoughts on “Proof Only”

  1. My favourite is still “What do you love more, Mickey or new high heels?”
    At 4 years of age she clearly knows that you can either love boys the most or shoes the most, not both. A wise girl.

  2. I really think you should write a book about her… all those funny things she comes out with would be hilarious to read, and shes not gonna stay that cute and funny forever. Shes gonna turn into a moody teenager thats steals ur jewellery and makeup (or maybe ur highheels or Mickey)!! lol

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