To cheer myself up

I haven’t been feeling myself, just kind of down, for a good wee while now, but this is my positive place so I am investing in a little cheering up exercise here, so you are welcome to join me.

I was just thinking of all the things I have to look forward to, and this made me realise that I am going to see Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band in less than two weeks… The excitement is already starting to kick in. This will be my 8th time seeing Josh! Does this make me sound mad? He tends to come to Ireland AT LEAST once every year, so what do you want me to do? Ha.

I can’t wait to see that big smile. I be fully aware of myself smiling back up at him in a kind of silly way and my heart almost bursting with the gorgeousness of the music.  And I always get a kick out of Zack Hickman’s moustache.

This makes me remember with more smiles the last time I saw him in Belfast, when afterwards this happened…

Josh Ritter and Me after the gig in The Empire, Belfast October 2009

Oh, happy time!

This was supposed to be a list of things to look forward to but look, oops its turned into a Josh Ritter Love post. How has this happened?

Anyway, he is playing in the Mandela Hall which is in the Students Union so I am going to have to stop myself hanging around there ALL DAY on the 13th.

I guess I sound super silly but look, it’s cheering me up 🙂


Author: Fiona

3 thoughts on “To cheer myself up”

  1. nice one fiona! you’re a proper fan! in a world filled with adele and kings of leon ‘fans’, its a relief to know that there are proper music fans out there. And eight times, I’ll never catch up haha.

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