You’re everything, you’re everything I’m not…

There are one or two songs that make me fantasize about rocking them out on a stage, being AMAZING at guitar and singing my heart out while managing to look sexy in an eyelinered rock chick kind of way.

I would include this song in this – it’s Have It All by Foo Fighters and I love it! Perhaps for the music more than the lyrics, which hardly ever happens…

Don’t you just love Dave Grohl? He is ΓΌber cool. I have a BIG teddy bear at home named after him. I’m supposed to be going to the big Foo Fighter concert in Milton Keyes in July. Right now I can’t wait!

Do you have any songs like this?


Author: Fiona

10 thoughts on “You’re everything, you’re everything I’m not…”

  1. I have, on many occasions, fantasized on being well, you know who. Having 70,000 fans sing along with me to Vertigo, Streets Have No Name etc. Or just singing with Bono at some stage, dream come true we’re talking there. It really is the greatest job in the world, lucky buggers!!

    And yes, Grohl is one cool muthafucka!

  2. Aww i think i fantasise about myself rocking out on stage more often than i realise.
    id really love just to play a wee acoustic number for a wee small audience someday.
    You should start a band!

    I love your choice of song! (headbangs)

  3. I did “headbang” to Kings of Leons Use Someday for 3 nights on stage… and hated it. Well most of it. Came off after the first night and cried me wee heart out all night for some unknown reason. But I faced my fears and went back on the next 2 nights. I couldn’t let my adoring public down ya knw ;). Can’t see me doing it again though!!

  4. I love thinking about this too, but for some reason, i’m always a kind of harmoniser. The Lisa Hannigan to a Damien Rice!! Would be leeful.

    Or ya know, just actually being Avril Lavigne. That would be fun!

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