Life blood

I gave blood today – The Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service came to my university. The nice man said it was my 6th time, I think it was actually my fourth because I had low iron two times… It’s a bit mind over matter I think. If I dwell too much on the big needle and what’s actually happening I go a bit weak, so I think of other things. It genuinely makes me feel pretty good about myself, it’s a great thing to be able to donate, perhaps save someone’s life. It doesn’t take much.

It was a bit empty in there, and I know lots of my friends are too recently pierced or tattooed – yes, how cool are my friends- to donate, but to all you perfectly healthy, non-pregnant scaredy custards out there, go on, you have the power to make a difference. I nag people to give blood every time I go and no one has ever taken me up on it!

It’s a good excuse for one to take the rest of the day at a slower pace 🙂 I also kept the bandage on for much longer than was actually necessary and keep gazing with pride at my tiny war wound. Oh – and directly afterwards today I got a nice sit down, a cup of orange, a Mars bar and a bookmark. Not bad -eh?

Some funny things happen in there too. One time when I was donating in Derry – switching on Bluetooth in the waiting area showed that someone’s Bluetooth name was TheBloodCollector.

Today the guy who was in the bed next to mine was making a bit of a fuss over a light head when he was finished, and kept having to lie down for another five minutes. When the lady who was attending his blood donation eventually got rid of him with kindly advice to keep his jacket off until he got outside, go over and have a cold drink and a mars bar, and don’t play any sports tonight… my attendant, a friendly older man called Sam, jokingly called over to her that she was very professional – and did she warn him not to …romance tonight either? “Yeah I did. I told him no sex for six months.” Haha!

Your take or stories on giving blood, anyone?

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

4 thoughts on “Life blood”

  1. I must admit, ive never given blood before. Its not that im afraid of needles or anything, i guess i don’t like the thought of it. i would hate to be like the guy with the light head next to you.
    is it painful to give blood?
    Its a very selfless deed (apart from free chocolate 🙂 wooopeee!) your an inspiration in soo many ways 🙂

      1. i think id be a wee winger! You are an inspiration, i promise ill give it a go..

        ill try think of something else when the needle sucks out blood??? eugh, does is go into the syringe?

  2. I really want to give blood as well. Twice though, I’ve signed up to recieve updates of where I could give blood in my area, and within two weeks both times I’ve found out that I’m pregnant. I know it’s silly to think that the two are connected, but I haven’t signed up since.. I really wouldn’t like a third child!!

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