People watching: couples

When people watching, or sometimes just walking down the street, upon seeing young couples, I am often struck with the questions: I wonder how they met? I wonder which was brave enough to make the first move? Were they friends first? I always think it’s amazing that there ARE so many couples, that people are brave enough to admit, yes I do like you and will you go out for me. Or lean in for that first kiss.

The asking out usually seems to get landed with the boy for whatever reason, and it takes a lot of bravery. Hmm, I guess this is one of the reasons I am glad that I’m not male. (Although they DO get a pretty easy time of it compared to us girls!) That and the best man thing. I would actually die if I ever had to give a best man speech, and am irrationally happy that I never will. ( image from here)

Sometimes it makes me sad that so many couples meet in bars and nightclubs. I’m not sure why… there’s nothing wrong with that, I know very good couples who’ve met that way. Perhaps it just doesn’t make a brilliant how we met story…or the fact that alcohol was involved. A few years ago I was at a wedding and the bride and groom met when he bought her a blue WKD in the Metro…

I recently bumped into a lady who is a librarian in my hometown, and I told her I did work experience there around 5 years ago. Her husband was the librarian at my school at the time and she asked me what I was doing now. She said she studied English at Queens too (same as me) but she studies History as well,  and Seamus Heaney was her lecturer. Then she said, smiling, “That’s how we first met…I…” and they both said at the same time “Went to the wrong history lecture.” It was very cute.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m creepily watching couples, because I’m not. I’m just curious and am interested in people, and love a happy story.


Author: Fiona

10 thoughts on “People watching: couples”

  1. Old couples are cute – it must be a surreal feeling being with someone for a real long time. It is really interesting how people met, but who asked who too

  2. I really, really love knowing people’s relationship stories! I find it fascinating.

    As you may already know, N and I met online when I was 16 and still living in America. We’d been visiting this sort-of chatroom for ages but never at the same time. I’d written an emo-ish status update (though it wasn’t called that) and he asked me about it. I ignored him but he didn’t give up and I was bored so we started up this conversation. That first time we spoke, we talked for anywhere between 4 and 6 hours. I really can’t remember, but it was the longest I’d spoken to anybody on the internet. He was just so easy to talk with. Not an hour after I’d had to leave the chat, he sent me an email and from then it became a steady exchange of emails. Which progressed to phone calls which progressed to him flying 13 hours to come see me. (which led to marriage and babies!)

    For the longest time though, we were just friends. And I love that the basis of our relationship was always that of friendship and communication.

    I want to be one of those old couples who have been married forever and are still madly in love with each other.

    1. Aw Clover!

      Thanks for telling your story – it’s a wonderful story, I really love it. It’s amazing to have met in such a seemingly random way, but it was probably destined at the same time 🙂 Friendship first is definitley the way to go in my experience.


  3. I just have a comment on part where you talk about a couple who were married and met over a WKD in the Metro.

    I want you to know I mean no harm in what I say and I respect your comment but I wonder if maybe you thought about the fact that….

    It may not be a romantic setting, and even though the Metro is always crowded, (with rather beautiful and glamorous people ) those 2 individuals both happened to be out on the same night, and met per chance. So it may only of been a bottle of WKD,but for them it was the start of something special. I would imagine they are quite happy to tell people about how they met, as for them it was obviously special enough and they had a strong enough bond to be married…. but hey, maybe thats just my opinion 🙂

  4. Yeah, that’s fair enough – sorry if I offended you.
    I did say there is nothing wrong with it. The couple in question were family and I have good friends who have met this way.
    Sometimes it makes me sad that so many people meet this way. That is all.
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Heya, first time reading your blog Fiona, how come it makes you sad that people meet that way often? I don’t really see anything wrong with it to be honest, so what they’re out having a bit of craic

  6. Awk if it makes you sad you must see something wrong with it. Do you not have a wee drink and meet friends even? Same thing… my different opinion just…

  7. Me and Gareth met in the metro beer garden (and he better not say that at the wedding!!!) and had our first kiss on the dancefloor. He argues he bought me a drink. I say he didn’t. I’d probably had enough by that stage anyways! But that night he was just another boy that I’d kissed on the metro dancefloor. I sometimes think it would be a nicer story if I could say we had our first kiss sober, or on a beach or somewhere romantic like that (does that ever happen tho?) It was what followed that was the better part. I suppose kind of like Clover’s post. It was all the subsequent conversations and meetings (and kisses) that lead to us climbing Croagh Patrick on the 3rd of August. And well the rest is history as they say.

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