Selected Stories

Today I got an early bus to Belfast and on the way I was reading Katherine Mansfield Selected Stories for my lecture later today. On the back there is a quote by Virginia Woolf.

“I was jealous of her writing. The only writing I have ever been jealous of.”

I can see where Virginia is coming from! The writing is gorgeous… I think it’s the attention to detail in such a pretty way. I am in love with it. Here is a little extract from ‘Psychology’:

“She lighted the lamp under it’s broad orange shade, pulled the curtains and drew up the tea table. Two birds sang in the kettle, the fire fluttered. He sat up clasping his knees. It was delightful-this business of having tea-and she always had delicious things to eat-little sharp sandwiches, short sweet almond fingers, and a dark rich cake tasting of rum-but it was an interruption.”

I love having tea, and I also love reading about it (I just realised this!). I think mundane little details can be really interesting and make wonderful images if written about properly.

I was inspired as I sat at the kitchen table with my Wonder Woman cup of tea and a soft, buttered square of Jamaica ginger cake, reading beautiful stories in the hush of Monday morning.

I would like to give a little mention to my not-so-little sister Clare who is 18 today. I can’t believe it. I’m sorry I’m missing it, Happy Birthday Clare ! x



Author: Fiona

3 thoughts on “Selected Stories”

  1. I’ve only ever read one story by Katherine Mansfield (and now I’ve just blanked the title of it!) but I always meant to read more by her.

    Also, I love how books and words inspire us.

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