‘Friends’ The Old Faithful

Friends is such a good show!

I know I am kind of late on it since e4 are apparently taking it off air after 15 years. I never watched a lot of TV and we don’t have Sky anyway at home so I don’t feel bombarded with the sitcom like I know plenty of people do. I actually bought all the series separately over a year or two a while back, there were so many episodes I hadn’t seen. It’s on in the background a lot of the time in my student house, it’s just comfortable and acceptable to watch at all times. Just last week my friend Aisling and me watched the same episode twice, each about an hour apart and laughed both times : “Joey takes naked pictures of us! And then he eats chicken – and then he looks at them!!”

I was watching this one today and Chandler’s inability to smile actually made me LOL.

Haha! Some people are so like that!

I know I’m not allowed to say this and I LOVE MY FRIENDS VERY MUCH but I do feel a little jealous of the Central Perk regulars with their cool across-the-hall appartments and their perfect looks and the sheer fun they have all the time.

I can’t choose a favourite ‘friend’ don’t make me! I’m sad it’s not going to be on anymore not long after I started appreciating it way behind everyone else…

Do you love it/hate it? Who’s your fave?


Author: Fiona


4 thoughts on “‘Friends’ The Old Faithful”

  1. Nice post feef!!

    I am kind of bombarded with it at home, and I dont really watch it at all anymore because of that, but it is a great show, no doubt. Considering how successful it was for so long, no one can deny that.

    I have to say Ross slowly became my favourite after a while. Especially with the whole ”somebody at work ate my sandwich!!!!” chaos, that was brilliant.

    My fav episode was the one where Ross had a big dinner on at the museum I think, and everyone was taking forever to get ready. Joey putting on all of Chandlers clothes was classic.

    I remember the day channel 4 was showing the last episode, there was a report on Sky News about how huge it was and how pubs were showing it on big screens that night, mad!

    1. Thanks for the very journalistic reply Dermott !
      Yeah I know you love the Sandwich one haha.
      Aw I don’t remember that! But I do remember people talking about new episodes in school…

      Could I BE wearing any more clothes? haha

  2. I used to watch Friends when it was on, and then I got a job in the evenings and totally missed out. When I moved to England, I found out that N is a total Friends-nerd. We even have the Friends Scene It game (which he kicks my ass at, as would be expected) I don’t really have a favourite character or episode though.. But it is just really comforting turning the tv on and having it just be there. At least we have all of the episodes on DVD (of course we do) so if I’m ever in dire need of a pick-me-up, I can always count on this..

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