Josh’s Book

Josh Ritter has written a book! Two of my favourite things merged together… To be perfectly honest, when I heard I wasn’t sure whether to be so happy and dying to read it, or to be super jealous. But I figured that he is 34 and I am 21 so I have plenty of time to catch up with him! The book is called ‘Bright’s Passage‘ (I really love the name – especially as the character is called Harry Bright) and you can download the first chapter here. I think I am more excited for the language and the actual writing rather than the story, but I am very excited for the yarn, too. It’s due for release in America, at least, in June. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, and then the next time I have the pleasure of going to see him I shall bring it with me with the hope of getting it signed and one of those smiles.

In a strange way I think I would actually call Josh my favourite writer already, I love his lyrics so much. It’s definitely his gorgeous lyrics that make him my favourite.

The very first Josh Ritter song I heard is called ‘Bright Smile’ (appropriate?) which I think was in 2005 -although the album was from 2003 -and I’ve actually never heard him sing it live. I’ll leave you with a lyric from that:

If she’s your only one, then she is also mine,

Just pin your heartbeat up against my heartbeat

And you’ll see how well we rhyme.

Actually here is the video too ! He has a lot more impressive and amazing songs and I’m not sure this is my favourite but I will always have a soft spot for it, enjoy!


Author: Fiona

2 thoughts on “Josh’s Book”

  1. aw this was also the song u played for your first talk… i will always remember u sitting in the oratory smiling away to it 🙂 🙂

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