Keeping one’s place

What is your stance on bookmarks? I enjoy a nice bookmark. I am always stashing them away, promptly losing them and then finding them all over the place. I hate when I abandon a book part of the way through because I’m just not enjoying it (It rarely happens – I see that as giving up!) and thus sacrifice a trusty bookmark that has been keeping the place, not to be discovered again until I am having a clear out and have collected up unread books to take to charity.

I’m not one of those people who shouts at others for folding down the corners of pages, though I do feel guilty if I ever resort to this, incase one of these people are watching. However, come to think of it, I really dislike when people splay a book out, face down, to keep the place. Breaks the spine and leading to shedding of pages. I lost the wonderful “A Million Little Pieces” AND “My Friend Leonard” – both by James Frey to this treatment. *ahem* sister did it *ahem ahem*

I had a quick look around my room for both proper bookmarks and other things that I have been keeping pages and was vaguely entertained to find a Nandos receipt among

Bookmarks and things I have been using as bookmarks...

others slips of paper and cardboard that happened to be close at hand at the time. My favourite bookmark is the Winnie the Pooh one that declares “No one can be uncheered by a balloon.”

A friend put me on to this website: A girl who works at a used bookstore documents the ‘personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird things’ she finds in the books here.

Sometimes I push my bookmark out of sight in class so that people can’t observe that no, I haven’t read the last 30 pages of this week’s book, but I will try to hide my surprise when the ending is discussed.

I love the fact that people put secrets into Postsecret books in the bookshop, it would be really special to find one. The strangest thing I have ever found in a book is an apparent suicide note written on the inside back cover of a copy of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde that I got from the Central Library while still at school.Β  I always write a wee line or two in books that I give as presents, because I love to look back on things like that myself, or see it in a second hand book.

A thought: They travel through the pages with us. They are our promise to come back.


Author: Fiona

3 thoughts on “Keeping one’s place”

  1. is it Ironic that a suicide note was written in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Isn’t that about a monster/demon taking over the man?? like suicide?

    Great post –
    “They travel through the pages with us. They are our promise to come back” fav bit!

  2. That thought at the end is really beautiful! I love pretty bookmarks. People give them to me and I feel bad, because I’m terrible at losing bookmarks. The thing that happens most often to me is I’ll be reading a book somewhere and then when I’m ready to put the book down and be all ‘where’s my bookmark?’ for all of 30 seconds before I shrug my shoulders and find something else. Usually a reciept or scrap of envelope and that pretty bookmark is just lost forever. I don’t even feel bad because it just seems inevitable.

    I love reading the inscriptions written in second hand books. And finding things in other people’s books. I’ve found lovely old photos and boarding passes and scraps of notes and it makes me wonder about the people who’ve read these books before me. Their lives, what they were doing, what they’re doing now.

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