Deep Breath !

I can barely look, but I am going to put the link to this – my still new blog on twitter now. Maybe. I have prattling away to myself for just over a month now. Well, myself and my boyfriend I believe. (Hi Michael!)

A hand model!

I’m not proud of it yet, and I don’t even have an idea for my next post – I actually don’t really want to do this, but I will have to sometime and I kind of promised myself (and my handful of followers) that I would give the link in my 1000th tweet.

I was told recently that blogs should be specific – for a purpose; photography, music, politics… mine isn’t, but all my favourite blogs seem to be a mixture of fun and interesting life stories, book and film reviews, photos, updates on how the new book is going, etc. I think I am so nervous because the blogs that I follow are SO good. Everyone has to start somewhere, don’t they?

I am not trying to be a lick, I promise… but these are the blogs I visit most oftenest and by which I have been inspired:

Claire Allan A Derry girl who writes a great column for my local paper and who writes books AND who is super lovely…

Keris Stainton Love keeping up with a writer’s journey and seeing all the pretty and inspiring photos and thoughts.

Fluttering Butterflies I have to fight the urge to buy a large portion of the books Michelle reviews…

(I think all 3 know  each other… I feel a bit creepy.) (Also I just worked out how to do that snazzy link thing…yay!)

and it all started with Dooce, I think.

I hope you enjoy the few wee pieces I have posted already and here’s hoping for lots of inspiration! Wish me luck…

Thank you for visiting!


Author: Fiona

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