So, a little thought behind the name of my blog.

Life : I want to write thoughts and observations on life as I go along, and to keep it optimistic as much as I possibly can.

Lyrics: I am a sucker for lyrics. I love them. You’re going to be hearing ALL about him but Josh Ritter is my favourite singer/songwriter/artist ever, and it’s mostly because of the lyrics. The man is a lyrical genius, I tell anyone who will listen. I actually cried on first listening of his latest album, at a gorgeous song called ‘Lantern’.

Lyrics can also incorporate general writing…Writing a book is the only thing I have ambition towards in life, and I don’t do much writing at all, so here I am getting my practice on!

Lemoncake: I will admit that I got the idea from Aimee Bender’s new book ‘The Particular Sadness of Lemoncake‘ which I have not yet read, but am looking forward to! My Lemoncake can be anything fun, and I also think it has a very cute ring to it.

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

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